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Sichuan Xinkangyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd

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Company address: Zone C, Industrial Park, Luxian County, Sichuan Province

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Sichuan Xinkangyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zone C of Luxian Industrial Park, Sichuan Province. The company mainly engages in the production and sales of color printing packaging, and its product areas include books, advertisements, promotional brochures, posters, food and drugs, cosmetics, alcohol packaging boxes, and other packaging materials. It is exported to the Middle East, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

With years of development in the pre coating industry, the company has advanced production equipment, professional technical talents, and a complete management system. Our commitment is to provide high-quality products and first-class services; Our pursuit is to seek common development and explore business opportunities. Xinkangyi will continue to wholeheartedly serve our new and old customers with a sincere attitude, high-quality products, and reasonable prices, jointly creating a new field of packaging peritoneum and creating brilliance.




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